Writing Goals

Subject to change, in no particular order and all that kind of thing. I’ll strike out those I’ve done.


  • Play the Game (contemporary m/m flash fiction)
  • Dawn of Time (paranormal m/m/m flash fiction)
  • Zero (fantasy m/m)

Unfinished Stories to Complete

  • Tomorrow I’ll Go Outside (contemporary m/m novella)
  • Little Death (Victorian era m/m novella)
  • The Crash (spec-fic m/m novella)
  • Clockwork (steampunk m/m novella)

Plot Bunnies I’d Like to Write But Aren’t Important Because I Have to Finish Stuff First

  • Statue (paranormal m/m short story)
  • Pull (contemporary m/m short)
  • Let Them Sleep (paranormal m/m novel)
  • Edge of the World (contemporary m/m novella)
  • Wait (contemporary m/m novel)

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