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Review: Happy Hour

Happy Hour
Happy Hour by Bella Leone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I like beer, so I could relate to these boys 🙂 And I laughed out loud at the Prince Harry crush (mine was Prince William, but I’m a wee bit older than Bodie). Happy Hour is a feel good, angst free, happy story with a well developed HEA. And some very hot sex 😉 Hot as hell, in fact. Real and raw and quite beautiful. Bella teases us at first, but it just makes it sweeter for the waiting.

I really enjoyed this story.

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My Ambitious Reading List

Along with signing up for The Vampire Chronicles Reading Challenge, there’s a couple of other series’ I want to get through in the near future.

I read The Hunger Games yesterday (yes, I’ve been ‘reading’ Interview with the Vampire for the last three weeks, yet I started and finished The Hunger Games in a day). Rather compelling, I thought, so The Hunger Games series goes on my list.

I’ve also decided I want to read the Harry Potter series again, and I should read The Twilight Saga again (mostly out of guilt—I went a bit mad back a year or so and have more than one copy of each book languishing unread on my shelves).

I tend to read in fits and starts—mainly because I will lose myself so completely in a book that the dishes pile up and I get no writing or anything else done, and so I can be a bit reluctant to open one—so I’m a little afraid of my ambitious reading list.

The Vampire Chronicles Reading Challenge

I’m doing my first reading challenge!

The plan is, to read all ten books in Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles during 2011. I’m excited! I had already set myself the goal of re-reading at least one this year anyway, and I’ve kept meaning to read them all in order—yes, I’ve read them all, but never in order!

Books in Series Order:

  1. Interview with the Vampire
  2. The Vampire Lestat
  3. The Queen of the Damned
  4. The Tale of the Body Thief
  5. Memnoch the Devil
  6. The Vampire Armand
  7. Merrick
  8. Blood and Gold
  9. Blackwood Farm
  10. Blood Canticle

This is the perfect reading challenge for me. Now, where did I put Interview with the Vampire?

my vamp-chronicles-reading-challenge shelf:
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Review: The Back Passage

The Back PassageThe Back Passage by James Lear
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I adored this book, so much so that I devoured it in a day. Not really a mystery reader, but perhaps the constant sex distracted me from the fact it was a mystery, and in the end I think I rather enjoyed the format.

I had to giggle a few times at the fact that every male character turned out to be gay, though it was most convenient for the narrator.

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Review: Sins of the Cities of the Plain

Sins of the Cities of the PlainSins of the Cities of the Plain by Jack Saul
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh I do love a little Victorian gay porn. No romance here, it is basically a memoir relating debauchery after debauchery, so it differs from Teleny rather a lot, and some of the words used to describe parts of the anatomy or sex acts just make me giggle, but I did enjoy it.

Of course I’m perhaps a little obsessed with the Victorian era, and so I think of this book as a little like reference material or research.

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Victorian Porn and Falling off the Face of the Earth

I’ve been writing.  The kind of story that takes me away from my housework and my social life (which consists mainly of friends and communities on the internet–yep, I’m a sad little monkey).  And it may also be the kind of story that I never share, and that’s okay, because there is a story inside that needs to come out, and I can’t rest until it does.

It’s somewhat of a companion piece to another story I wrote about a year ago, give or take. I’m enjoying the visit with my characters, seeing how they’ve changed and grown–or not grown, as the case may be. The reason I may or may not ever share this story is that it’s a bit of a personal catharsis. I find this ‘I may not ever share it’ attitude to be very freeing. Who cares if it’s complete arse, it doesn’t matter if that word isn’t perfect, or that paragraph is chock full of adverbs and participles, because no one but me has to see it. It’s an attitude I need to embrace more often in my first (or zero) drafts, and not just in the technical aspects, but in the story. I have a tendency to stress over what is and isn’t ‘done’ or ‘acceptable’ or ‘in good taste’, and it slows me down and it stalls me when I’m writing. And if I’m trying to twist the story to suit anyone other than the story itself, it invariably fails. But I keep doing it *eye roll*

Where was I going with this? Oh, right, disappearing. Yes, so involved with the story that I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. It’s okay, I figure I’ll be back sometime around Christmas, when I envision I’ll be done.

Oh, I have been doing a little reading. I’ve just discovered a couple of Victorian novels of gay erotica. Teleny, or The Reverse of the Medal is a true erotic romance, and The Sins of the Cities of the Plain is flat out porn. I found them both for kindle on Amazon for $1 each, and I’ve been devouring them when I get a chance to read.

Teleny (1893) is beautiful and I adored it. Sins (1881) is peppered with colourful expressions like ‘mancunt’ which had me in fits of laughter, but it’s very interesting for the Victorianness of it. I’m both a Victorian era enthusiast and a gay porn enthusiast, so both these books are just my thing.

NaNo, thank god it’s over!

A vastly different experience from last year, I really couldn’t care less about this years characters. Last year I was IN LOVE with my boys, this year, meh.

But, I’ll give the story a few weeks or months and then dive back in and do my best to salvage something from the madness.

In the mean time, I have some editing to do. 3 shorts to revise and edit (two of which have to be done in December).

Then I’ll be on to my ‘finish stuff’ mission. One of my unfinished’s has actually crawled back into my brain, so I might not be able to resist a little writing, and that’s fine with me.

And I’m gonna read some books, dammit! First on the list is Drawn Together by Z.A. Maxfield,  I believe it’s also top of Becca’s list for post nano, maybe I should poke her for a read along or something.