The Birth of a Plot Bunny

While casually perusing some calls for submission I happened upon one looking for ghost stories. Calls usually do nothing for me, but this one made lots of little bells in my brain ring. So I’ve started pottering around compiling a story bible and a playlist for this wee baby bunny. I’m hoping it’ll come out around 15k if I can push it that far (which might be a mission considering my style).

But this also means that I have plenty of time to get it written before November and NaNoWriMo. I’m giving myself 5 days to plan it, then two weeks to write.

So far I have tragedy, angst, a little bit of a creep factor, a twist, and as long as my muse behaves, a HEA at the end. My characters have names but are still pretty faceless, so next on my list is checking out some photos 🙂

So far this story is working titled ‘Haunted’.


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