My Ambitious Reading List

Along with signing up for The Vampire Chronicles Reading Challenge, there’s a couple of other series’ I want to get through in the near future.

I read The Hunger Games yesterday (yes, I’ve been ‘reading’ Interview with the Vampire for the last three weeks, yet I started and finished The Hunger Games in a day). Rather compelling, I thought, so The Hunger Games series goes on my list.

I’ve also decided I want to read the Harry Potter series again, and I should read The Twilight Saga again (mostly out of guilt—I went a bit mad back a year or so and have more than one copy of each book languishing unread on my shelves).

I tend to read in fits and starts—mainly because I will lose myself so completely in a book that the dishes pile up and I get no writing or anything else done, and so I can be a bit reluctant to open one—so I’m a little afraid of my ambitious reading list.


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