The Vampire Chronicles Reading Challenge

I’m doing my first reading challenge!

The plan is, to read all ten books in Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles during 2011. I’m excited! I had already set myself the goal of re-reading at least one this year anyway, and I’ve kept meaning to read them all in order—yes, I’ve read them all, but never in order!

Books in Series Order:

  1. Interview with the Vampire
  2. The Vampire Lestat
  3. The Queen of the Damned
  4. The Tale of the Body Thief
  5. Memnoch the Devil
  6. The Vampire Armand
  7. Merrick
  8. Blood and Gold
  9. Blackwood Farm
  10. Blood Canticle

This is the perfect reading challenge for me. Now, where did I put Interview with the Vampire?

my vamp-chronicles-reading-challenge shelf:
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