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Writing Goals

I had a big old post written out about my entire lack of attention span, but I got distracted, so I’m doing this instead 😉

I’m a little addicted to a particular writing podcast called Packing Heat. I’m kinda sad that it’s all over now, so I’ve been consoling myself by going right back to the beginning and starting again. Well, I’m up to number 006: Setting Goals, and it is three years old, but Jordan’s talking about setting writing goals for the new year. Well, it’s coming up 2011, and I do so like making New Year’s Resolutions (even if I don’t remember ever keeping one), so I figure I might as well do just that.

Now I could say ‘I’m going to write 2k per day’, or, ‘I’m going to write for two hours each day’, but I’ve kind of already got those things down.

I have bigger long term goals. Ultimately, getting published would be nice, and perhaps it’s that I don’t want to tempt fate, or I’m afraid to fail, that I say it in such a wishy washy way.

It’s ridiculous. I can write fictional sex scenes that require heavy content warnings, and yet I have so much trouble coming out and saying: ‘I want to be published. It is my goal to be published.’

So, anyway, I said it. To do this, I have to submit stuff. To do this I have to finish something (talked about my issues with that in the short attention span post which I was distracted from by this one).

So, I have a couple of half finished novella’s and a couple of barely finished novella’s, plus the zero draft of my nano novel to work with (I include my nano because it might as well be a very detailed outline for all the actual quality writing it contains).

So, finish those.

I actually have a little mini goal before the end of the year. I have the first draft of a little short story that I plan to revise and edit and submit to a magazine before the end of the year.

I need a little checklisty thing, don’t I?

  • revise short and submit the damn thing
  • rewrite nano into a decent first draft
  • finish two half finished novella’s

I’m not putting the editing and submitting of those two novella’s on the list because finishing things is my biggest issue right now.

Hmm. Methinks wordpress needs a wee to-do list sidebar widget. How cool would that be?


The End

Photo of the first page of All's Well that End...

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I wrote the final scene of my nano novel last night.

I’d been stalling for two days, tearing my hair out about it, having no clue how I was ever going to get my boys out of an impossible situation. None of my options were realistic or believable. I didn’t believe them, anyway, so I couldn’t write them.

But I forced myself to put pen to paper (the handwriting process makes my brain work differently), and without looking at the scene I was in the middle of writing before I stopped, I took it up in the middle, and within about 200 words, I ended my book.

And now, because I know how it ends, I know how to fix all the weird bits throughout, I know everyone’s motivation, I know how to fill in the gaps, I know WHY the damn king sends his son and heir off with his boyfriend in the first place!

I feel so good. Now, whether this is a cop-out ending or not (which it could be perceived to be), I don’t care. I feel like it’s the truth. That’s why I was struggling the entire time, because I was striving for something that in my mind, just wasn’t possible.

So, yay!

NaNo Procrastination

What a bloody good excuse for a first post.

Well, I’m still writing, just not what I’m meant to be writing. I still have time to finish my nano story, and I really do want to finish it–because I want it to be over already. God, I’m so sick of it. I feel like I’ve written it about a hundred times…and I’m probably not far wrong.

Worst story ever. That’s about the size of it.

So, current preferred method of procrastination, writing something else! I have completed a short story, done some pre-writing on another, and picked up an old thing which I’m intending to complete. This has captured my interest far more than my nano proper ever has. Which, frankly, sucks.

But, oh well. I am back into a healthy habit of writing. Every evening for the last, what? 24 days? I have put my butt in the chair between 10pm and midnight, and written. I generally get out about 2k, more or less, in that time. Which is pretty damn good, I reckon.

If I write too much more than that per day, I go stupid. Which is probably why my nano proper went to shit so fast.

What was I talking about? Oh, yeah, procrastinating. At least I’m still writing, yeah?